October 24. 2013 12:08AM

Salvation Army burglar takes valuable videogame machines

MANCHESTER — Six PlayStation 3 and Xbox Kinect machines were stolen from the Salvation Army building, 121 Cedar St., by someone who apparently was hiding in the building when Capt. Herb Rader left about 11:30 Tuesday night.Rader said there was no indication anyone broke into the building, but after he did a final round of checks before leaving, someone put duct tape on the window to the locked game room and used a hammer to smash the glass and reach inside to unlock the door.
“It wasn't ours,” he said of the hammer that was used and left behind.

The theft was discovered Wednesday morning when seniors who had completed their exercise program went to the game room to relax.

Rader suspects someone entered the building while evening programs were in progress Tuesday and hid out until he left. “This was well-planned,” he said, because the thief brought the duct tape and hammer used in the crime.“It's fairly rare,” he said, referring to the theft, and insurance will cover most of the loss.

He said it's unfortunate that the children's game room was targeted, but suspects the thief was just looking for what would be the quickest items to turn into cash.“It's discouraging,” he said. “It's frustrating.” But he has no doubt as to the motive. “It was someone who needed a fix,” said Rader.