October 07. 2013 9:02PM

UNH ‘sexologist’ was paid $1,825 to lecture students

Union Leader Correspondent

DURHAM — The self-described “sexologist” who gave a graphic presentation on orgasms to some 500 students at the University of New Hampshire last week was paid $1,825 to cover her talk, her hotel room and meals, the university said Monday.

According to figures provided by UNH spokesman Erika Mantz, Megan Andelloux, who presented “Orchestrating Orgasms,” earned a $1,600 speaker fee while UNH shelled out another $125 on her hotel room and $100 for food.

The public event was held Thursday night in the Memorial Union Building and attracted a standing-room only crowd.

The sex talk that featured students wearing sex toys on stage has drawn criticism because of the subject matter and the way it was funded using student activity fees.

UNH President Mark Huddleston was not available for comment Monday. Mantz said he “will not be commenting on the presentation.”

A woman who answered the phone in Huddleston’s office also said he wasn’t available.

Students who supported the event touted it as an educational experience that would make them more aware of their bodies, but many also said they came for fun.

The event was hosted by the Memorial Union Student Organization (MUSO), a student-run organization that UNH says works to provide enriched and enlightened programming and group interactions.

MUSO receives funding from student activity fees — mandatory fees paid by all full-time undergraduate students to support various student organizations and other student functions.

The two-hour presentation was filled with laughter from the students as Andelloux talked about different types of orgasms, demonstrated sex toys, offered tips on sexual positions, encouraged masturbation, and touched on other sexual topics.

Andelloux sprinkled humor throughout the event and at times used vulgar language when describing sex acts.

“Sex is supposed to be a party. It’s not supposed to be a funeral, and meeting our desires is really important,” she told the audience.

At one point, Andelloux lowered her body to the floor and showed students how to move their hips up and rotate them in a certain way to enjoy the experience.

“The things I do for this job,” she said. She then invited four student volunteers to come onto the stage where they were asked to wear strap-on sex toys in front of the crowd for a demonstration.

“You all are going to be my strap-on people,” she told them as the audience broke into laughter.