September 28. 2013 1:48AM

Hunting season: No time to be careless


"When you fire a bullet, you own it," said Grafton County Asst. Atty. Jack Bell last week.

That's good advice, particularly as New Hampshire gears up for hunting season.

Pheasant season has started. Deer season won't be far behind.

People will be in the woods. Some will be hunters, some won't.

Everyone needs to pay extra heed, and the incident to which Atty. Bell referred bears sad witness to that.

One man died two years ago in the New Hampshire woods, and last week a second man was convicted of negligent homicide and reckless conduct.

That's what a jury found, in short order. Wade S. Holmes, 50, of Lisbon was found guilty of reckless conduct because he didn't clearly identify his target, which he said he thought was a deer.

So one father, son and brother is dead and another man will spend years behind bars.

Holmes' lawyer said the victim was wearing camouflage.

"Whether he was wearing a tuxedo or a Scuba outfit doesn't matter," Atty. Bell said. "When you fire a bullet, you own it."

Be careful out there.