September 24. 2013 4:37PM

Murality tale Nashua union painted into corner

For four years, Fidelity Investments has sent teams — nay, mobs — of cleverly disguised malefactors to “help” various public schools in Nashua. Defacing the school walls with fresh coats of new paint — including huge murals to encourage the unrestrained expression of school spirit — was chief among their horrifying acts of vandalism.

Parents, students and school board members remained blind to the wickedness of these despoilers until the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees Local 365 had the courage to stand up to this villainy.

Someone had to protect the schools from further defacement by paintbrush-wielding office workers. Lo and behold, said AFSCME 365, doing that was in the union’s contract!

As chronicled in The Telegraph, the custodians beseeched the school board with their grievance. Their contract clearly allowed them and only them to paint city schools, they said. By allowing these despoilers to roam the halls with their colorful brushy sticks, the district was in violation!

Alas, on Monday the school board voted 7-2 that there was no breach of contract. The volunteers may continue their rainbow of terror. This is what happens when school boards put taxpayers and students before custodians. Schools get brighter, more vibrant, more cheerful — for free. What kind of heartless monsters would ever allow that to happen?