September 22. 2013 6:08PM

Joe McQuaid's Publisher's Notebook: War photos and salty language


If you haven't seen it, you have until Veterans Day to get yourself to the Currier Museum of Art in Manchester for a very powerful news photography exhibit on the Vietnam war.

This is definitely where a picture is worth a thousand words, minimum. Almost all of the photos are iconic, like the one of the little girl running from a napalm attack. Some clear up misconceptions, like that same napalm photo. (Many people think it was an American air attack. It was in fact a South Vietnamese mixup.)

The Currier did an interesting thing with this exhibit. It asked military veterans to share photos and their comments, many of which are now on display. Likewise, the public has been invited to write comments about photos from a war that took place before many people were born. Go see for yourself. You might be moved to comment, too.

Readers leave comments with us every day. One in the mail last week caught my eye with its opening words of "BS!"

Okay, "BS" was actually spelled out, as two words, in fact. One was "bull."

This caught my eye, as did the fact the writer had the Moxie to identify himself, which I appreciate.

He was upset with two recent changes we've made to how the Sunday News is put together.

He shouldn't be. The changes mean we reduce the Saturday night printing most weeks to just two main sections, including live news and sports. It means less chance of longer press runs on a night when our carriers are delivering the biggest package of the week to readers across the state.

The "BS" complainant didn't like obituaries being placed in the sports section. They are actually on the pages immediately following the sports pages; and the new arrangement addresses another reader complaint: having obituaries spread over several pages and in different sections.

Obituaries are an important part of the paper. We can't know in advance how many we will receive on any given day, but we are trying to keep them together as much as possible.

The realignment also puts our Sunday editorial pages in the same section as business news. This also upset my "BS" writer, though he didn't say why. It seems to me a good place for editorial commentary, but the reader said that "Bill Lobe" was going to be waiting for me in the next life and I wouldn't like it much.

Bill Loeb might not like it much that his name was misspelled.

Rumor has it that autumn has arrived. That means the Deerfield Fair must be coming this weekend. I think I'll take Ike, Mike, and Spike. They might have a few comments to make on the fair.

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