September 10. 2013 9:20PM

Americans for Propserity-NH lauches website seeking petition names to opt out of Obamacare

MANCHESTER — The conservative advocacy group Americans for Prosperity-New Hampshire Tuesday launched a website collecting petitions calling on the Obama adminstration to offer “Obamacare” exemptions to average Amercians.

AFP-NH said the administration has given exemptions to numerous groups, including members of Congress, labor unions and employers in House Democratic Rep. Nancy Pelosi’s congressional district.

“When the unions came to the President to ask for an exemption from ObamaCare, he gave it to them,” said Greg Moore, AFP-NH state director.

“When members of Congress said they needed a subsidy, he gave them one. When big insurance companies said they needed relief from a cap in out-of-pocket costs in ObamaCare, the President obliged.

“Now it’s time for the President to show the same level of concern for hard-working American families who are left holding the bag with the higher taxes, more expensive health insurance and reduced access that he has shown these special interests,” said Moore.

The website is