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Textbooks falling apart in Plaistow, but a plan comes together

Union Leader Correspondent

September 09. 2013 10:08PM

PLAISTOW — After two decades of use, the Algebra II textbooks at Timberlane Regional High School had more than a little wear and tear on them.

“It was recently brought to our attention that we had some textbooks that were in disrepair,” said Superintendent Earl Metzler. “We had several parents who showed us pictures of the books.”

After being informed about the state of the books, Metzler said staff from the school looked through its inventory to see if there was something the high school could use as a quick replacement for the textbooks.

During the search, staff found several cases containing 90 Algebra II books that connect to middle school math text books the district purchased several years ago.“We purchased the middle school math books, and we had the Algebra II books connected to that,” said Metzler.While he said it might be a little more work to line the new textbooks up with the curriculum, Metzler emphasized that the books are a suitable resource for the curriculum.

“We were able to replace a lot of books that were in disrepair, and we were able to put those in students’ hands,” said Metzler.

The high school teachers loved the algebra books that were starting to fall apart, but Metzler said there was a reason the district wasn’t able to replace those books.

“People ask why we didn’t buy replacements and I can answer that; they don’t exist,” he said. “It’s out of print, so we’re going to have to look very hard at making sure we update those books.”

For the time being, Metzler said the algebra books that were recently found do not signal any change in the direction of the high school math program.

“It’s not a pilot program. It’s not a different program. It’s Algebra II,” said Metzler. “The textbook is a resource material.”

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