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Obamacare truth: The promises were false

August 31. 2013 3:03AM

Finally, the facts are catching up to President Obama's deliberately false claims about his health care policy.

Here is how CNN led into a story on health insurance changes last week:

"President Obama said this spring that little will change for the 85% to 90% of Americans who already have coverage, only that 'their insurance is stronger, better, more secure than it was before.' But that's actually not the case at a growing number of companies."

CNN counted three fees, one tax and the individual mandate as Obamcare provisions that "are certainly pushing up health insurance costs for employers..." The University of Virginia is dropping coverage for spouses who have their own insurance option because Obamacare will add $7 million in costs to its current coverage, university officials have said.

Though some companies were making similar changes before Obamacare, as CNN noted, "The ACA is definitely escalating the pace of change," a health care consultant told the network.

National Journal reported last week: "For the vast majority of Americans, premium prices will be higher in the individual exchange than what they're currently paying for employer-sponsored benefits, according to a National Journal analysis of new coverage and cost data. Adding even more out-of-pocket expenses to consumers' monthly insurance bills is a swell in deductibles under the Affordable Care Act."

A state-sponsored report by the private Lewin Group found that in addition to adding $85 million in direct state costs over seven years, expanding Medicaid in New Hampshire would cost hospitals $228 million, in part because lower-income insured people would drop their private insurance and go on Medicaid, which has lower reimbursement rates for hospitals.

The New Hampshire Hospitals Association has, amazingly, supported expansion despite acknowledging that financial loss. The association continues to assert, simplistically, that expansion is the morally right thing to do, period. That posture (it cannot be called a rational argument) is what got us into this mess in the first place. When governments impose insanely costly, grotesquely inefficient policies purely out of moral posturing - and ignore the costs - bad things happen. They are happening to the U.S. health insurance marketplace right now as a direct result of Obamacare. And it is only going to get worse.

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