July 28. 2013 9:15PM

Solving drainage issues now part of Derry subdivision plan

Union Leader Correspondent

DERRY — The subdivision of a 4.7-acre parcel on Lane Road looked like a cut-and-dried issue until one of the abutters brought up a drainage issue.

The current owner of the property at 23 Lane Road, Richard Murdock, is looking to separate his parcel into two buildable lots, both of which meet town acreage and frontage regulations.

“This particular lot of record used to be two lots,” said Tim Peloquin of Promised Land Survey, representing Murdock. “We saw this as a relatively straightforward until we got a call from (code enforcement officer Bob) Mackey alerting me to a problem with an abutter.”

Peloquin said as soon as he was made aware of the drainage issue onto the property at 19 Lane Road, he met with the abutters and began the process of addressing the issue.

Patricia Norton, whose mother owns the home at 19 Lane Road, said she and her mother are not opposed to the subdivision, but would like to see the drainage issue addressed before the plans move forward.

Norton said the person who formerly owned 23 Lane Road did some channeling work on his property to address issues he was having with excessive water. Unfortunately, Norton said, that channeling increased the water flow onto her mother’s property.

Before the owner of 23 Lane Road could fully address the drainage issue, he died.

With the subdivision, Norton said the concern is that there will be even greater drainage onto her mother’s property.

“We want (the water) to be diminished as much as it can and back to the way it was,” said Norton.

She said she has spoken to Peloquin and expects she will be working with the engineer to address the problem.

Peloquin said he is prepared to present some solutions and bring them before the Planning Board at its Aug. 21 meeting.

He said those solutions will likely cause the 23 Lane Road property to be slightly damper and might lead to the new building on the property being constructed farther back from the road.

Planning Board member Jim MacEachern praised Norton and Peloquin for working together to solve the issue.