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Have they no shame? Political egos beyond the pale

July 27. 2013 3:20PM

The Mayor of San Diego describes himself as a monster and acknowledges his mistreatment of women. Yet he vows to stay in office and promises to do better.

A former governor of New York who frequented prostitutes resigned, but now seeks to be elected New York City's comptroller.

And then there is the celebrated, and richly ridiculed, Anthony Weiner. The former congressman quit that job after denying, then admitting, that he sent nude pictures of himself to young women not his wife. At this writing, he is still seeking to be New York City's mayor, even though he continued his "sexting" after he resigned from Congress and claimed to have put that behavior behind him.

What possesses these jerks to pursue elective office after their exploits have been exposed is that they are indeed jerks. They have enormous egos. They clearly do not care about the public or the institutions they claim to want to serve.

Instead of slinking away in shame and contrition, they befoul our institutions and mock the public.

A fall from grace is one thing. A full belly flop into tawdriness, sexual abuse, etc., and then continuing to take up air and space on the public scene is despicable. Have they no shame? Nope.

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