July 25. 2013 9:39PM

Police suspend Exeter sex assault probe that uncovered lurid screenplay written by teachers

By Jason Schreiber
Union Leader Correspondent

EXETER — Police have suspended their investigation into sexual assault allegations at Exeter High School that uncovered a sex-charged screenplay apparently written by three teachers.

Police Chief Richard Kane said investigators identified at least two possible victims in the case, but no charges have been filed.

"We're going to suspend the case until we're able to gather more information. We're not going to close the case. The victims have years to come forward," Kane said Thursday.

Police began an investigation in April after allegations surfaced that a female student may have been sexually assaulted in 2009.

Social studies teacher Robert Batchelder Jr. was placed on administrative leave.

During the course of the investigation, a screenplay called "Graduation Crashers" was discovered that later became part of the police department's criminal investigation.

The three social studies teachers whose names appear on the cover as the authors of the screenplay's manuscript are Batchelder, Mark Forbes and Tod Grossmith.

The three teachers have since resigned, but their exact reasons for leaving have never been made public.

The screenplay tells the story of a group of wild teachers from a school called Biltmore High School who crash graduation parties.

The main characters are identified as Batchelder, Grossmith and Forbes. The screenplay contains scenes showing teachers drinking, involved in sexual encounters with mothers of students and a college intern, and engaged in other controversial behavior.

None of the scenes depict teachers involved in sexual acts with high school students.

Kane said police believe some of the characters in the screenplay were based on students or former students at the high school.