July 23. 2013 9:31PM

Manchester man accused of pulling fire alarm

MANCHESTER -- A local man was arrested early Tuesday after allegedly pulling a fire alarm on an apartment building after arguing with his ex-girlfriend.

Police said Aaron Brunelle, 26, had shown up at a South Beech Street apartment several times, repeatedly buzzing his ex-girlfriend’s apartment and demanding to be let into the building. She refused, but he gained access “somehow” and began banging on and kicking her door, police said in a release.

When she didn’t respond, he walked away and allegedly pulled the building’s alarm about 1:30 a.m. Tuesday, forcing residents to leave it.

Brunelle wasn’t at the building when police arrived, but showed up again Tuesday afternoon. He ran away, but a police dog found him hiding behind a tree several blocks away, police said.

He was charged with counts of stalking and making a false fire alarm.

Police: Man tried to sell stolen jewelry

A local man who allegedly led police on car chase on Monday was arrested after police identified him as the man who had pawned stolen jewelry at several pawn shops.

Police said Anthony Ciechon, 33, was standing in the roadway on Kelly Street in front of Good Still pawn shop about 5:45 p.m. Monday. When an officer approached him, he got into a car and speeded away through an alley.

Ciechon then allegedly led an officer on a chase on Amory Street and across the Bridge Street Bridge before stopping in a parking space on Stark Street.

Ciechon was charged with disobeying a police officer, several motor vehicle violations, nine counts of receiving stolen property and nine counts of theft.

Man accused of firing gun at car

A local man who allegedly fired a gun at a car was arrested Monday on charges of criminal threatening and reckless conduct.

Police said Abdallah Hassan, 25, approached two men outside the Seven Eleven store on Maple Street about 10:15 p.m. Monday and pulled out a gun. He was apparently upset over a past dispute, police said.

The other men drove away from the lot, but were followed by a car in which Hassan was the passenger, police said. He leaned out the window and fired one shot at them, police said. Police said they recovered a 9 mm shell casing near the scene of the shooting.

Police: Ex-boyfriend slashed new boyfriend

A local man who allegedly slashed and punched his ex-girlfriend’s new boyfriend Monday night was arrested on assault charges.Police said Zachariah Head, 19, approached the passenger side of his ex-girlfriend’s car and, while holding a knife, threatened to kill her new boyfriend. The other man put up his hands and feet to deflect the attack and was cut on the hand. Head then reached in through the window and punched the other man in the face before running away.