July 23. 2013 9:31PM

Mass. man accused of Nashua bomb threat, wife accused of shoplifting

NASHUA — A man has been arrested for allegedly reporting a bomb threat and causing the evacuation of a city store while his wife was being detained for theft by security officers.

Police say Matthew and Alicia Chapman of Pepperell, Mass., allegedly removed price tags from items and replaced them with lower price tag amounts on Sunday evening at Kohl’s department store.

After purchasing the items at the lower cost, Alicia Chapman was detained by loss prevention officers at the store. During that time, Matthew Chapman allegedly used his cell phone to call police and report a bomb threat at the store.

No bomb was located, and no one was injured in the incident.

Matthew Chapman, 36, was charged with criminal liability to theft by deception and false reports of explosives. His wife, 27, was charged with theft by deception.