July 18. 2013 9:05PM

Hospital worker injured in attack by patient remains in ICU

New Hampshire Union Leader

MANCHESTER — The Elliot Hospital worker who was brutally attacked last week by a mentally ill patient suffered some brain injury and remains in critical condition, a relative said Thursday.

Donald Wyman, 52, has been in critical condition at Massachusetts General Hospital since July 8, when he was attacked by an emergency room patient. The patient, Ansel Kinglocke, 33, had languished in the Elliot emergency department for three days before the attack, waiting for a pyschiatric bed at the New Hampshire Hospital in Concord.

Wyman is the father of four children. He and his wife, Amy, had their youngest child just last year, according to Amy's brother, Adam Boroskas.

"It's a question mark every day," Boroskas said of his brother-in-law. "There's probably more questions than answers with Don."

He said Wyman and his family are appreciative of the prayers and thoughts they have received. For example, St. Catherine of Siena Church in Manchester, where Boroskas works as music director, has held a prayer service for Wyman, a member of the parish.

People's United Bank has set up a relief fund to help Wyman and another Elliot Hospital co-worker who was not as seriously injured. Anyone interested in donating to the Elliot Hospital Assault Relief Fund can find a link on the hospital's website

Boroskas said Wyman has yet to regain full consciousness, although the family senses a reaction in Wyman when a family member speaks.

"I think he's aware that he suffered a trauma, and I certainly know he's aware he's in a hospital," Boroskas said.

Boroskas said a previous heart condition is a complicating factor in Wyman's recovery.

"He's having his ups and downs. He's still facing many obstacles. He's going to be remaining in the intensive care unit for a while," Boroskas said.

Wyman loved his job, Boroskas said. Elliot has said little about Wyman in respect of the family's privacy. The day after the assault, hospital President and Chief-Executive Doug Dean said the hospital would stick by Wyman, a long-time employee who is a licensed nursing assistant.

Another LNA, Melissa Clermont, suffered a broken cheekbone in the attack. As of Thursday, she had not returned to work, according to the hospital.

Meanwhile, Wyman's wife is staying strong for the children, Boroskas said.

"She's just hoping for the best and staying very positive, but it's very difficult," he said.