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Snakes seized

Pair of rattlesnakes seized in Newmarket last month

Union Leader Correspondent

July 10. 2013 7:05PM
This prairie rattlesnake, which is considered a controlled species in New Hampshire, was one of two venomous snakes seized from homes in Newmarket in June. (Courtesy)

NEWMARKET — For the second time in a month, state and local officials responded to an issue involving exotic animals in town.

Last week, a three-foot alligator was found and taken out of the Lamprey River.

On Tuesday, N.H. Fish & Game said that conservation officers and members of Newmarket Police safely seized two poisonous rattlesnakes from two homes last month.

Mark Braswell of Newmarket was charged with two counts of possessing wildlife without a permit and one charge of selling wildlife without a permit.

Investigators began looking into the matter after discovering someone was attempting to sell a prairie rattlesnake via an online advertisement. Based on this, officers allegedly discovered a Mojave rattlesnake at one home and obtained a warrant to locate the prairie rattlesnake, which was allegedly sold to a couple with a child, at a second home June 12, according to a release.

Both rattlesnakes were taken to New England Reptile Distributors in Plaistow, which is licensed to care for venomous snakes and reptiles, including the alligator retrieved from the Lamprey Friday night.

In New Hampshire both alligators and venomous snakes are considered controlled species. Residents interested in possessing or selling them must obtain state permits from the N.H Fish and Game Department and federal permits from U.S. Fish & Wildlife or the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Violators could face fines up to $2,000 for each unregistered exotic animal.

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