July 05. 2013 8:47PM

Break-ins prompt police warning

New Hampshire Union Leader

GOFFSTOWN — Goffstown police increased patrols and ask residents to be vigilant for people either casing neighborhoods or breaking into homes since last month’s significant jump in burglaries.

Burglars broke into five homes and businesses and attempted to break into another five in June, Lt. Keith A. Chauvette said Friday.

This compares with a one residential burglary each in April and May, he said. May also saw one attempted burglary. None have been reported in July.

No arrests have been made.

Most break-ins occurred near the Manchester city line in Pinardville and its web of side streets off Mast Road, Chauvette said. Pinardville is a neighborhood in this town of about 18,000 residents. Two break-ins happened in Goffstown village.

Burglars are taking mostly electronic equipment — iPads, iPods, laptop computers and flat-screen TVs — along with jewelry and, if available, cash, he said.

“Anything they can get rid of quickly and get some fast cash, that tends to be the stuff we notice missing,” he continued.

“The ones where the (security) alarms went off, they may only have got a couple hundred dollars worth of items...But some of the others, if you grab a couple of TVs and some jewelry — you’re talking thousands of dollars,” Chauvette said.

Most burglaries occurred between June 25-30, he said.

Police suspect burglars may be casing homes and neighborhoods. They urged residents to watch for suspicious vehicles and strangers.

“Keep an eye on your neighbors. Lock your doors, Secure your valuables and your windows. And, if you see anything suspicious, call us immediately. Don’t wait,” Chauvette said. Contact police at 497-4858.

Police not only increased patrols but also employed “some different types of tactics,” Chauvette said. He would not elaborate.

Two Friends Cafe was burglarized June 9. Burglars attempted to break into Hubert’s department store and Super Suds Car Wash. All are on Mast Road.