July 03. 2013 10:58AM

Two men charged with prowling after banging on Salem woman's window at night

Union Leader Correspondent

SALEM – A report about men banging on a window to a woman's home resulted in the arrest of two 19-year-olds who claimed they were under the influence of a hallucinogenic drug called Spice, police said.

Police responded to 40 Townsend Ave. at 4:42 a.m. on Wednesday after the woman called 911 saying one of the men claimed to have a gun.

No firearm was found when police arrived, and the men later said they had no gun.

Kyle Braciska and Keith Beal, both 19 from Salem, are facing charges disorderly conduct and prowling charges for the incident. Braciska also faces a charge of resisting arrest.

The woman told police that two men dressed in dark clothing were banging on her window. The men claimed to have a gun when she told them that she was calling the police, according to Sgt. Robert Morin.

Police said that the woman never saw a firearm, but patrol units converged on the area and found Braciska and Beal near 72 Townsend Ave. The men were questioned by police and taken into custody.

Police said Beal was extremely impaired by the consumption of what they believe may be Spice, a psychoactive designer drug. Beal was transported by ambulance to Parkland Medical Center and held for treatment and an evaluation, police said.

Braciska told officers that he and Beal were smoking Spice all night and Beal began hallucinating afterward. Braciska claimed he was trying to get Beal to his house when he ran up to the woman's home at 40 Townsend Ave. and started banging on the window, according to police.

Braciska denied he or Beal had a gun, police said.

Braciska was later released on $500 personal recognizance bail. Beal was released on a summons at Parkland Medical Center. The two men will be arraigned on Sept. 9 in 10th Circuit Court in Salem.