July 03. 2013 11:10AM

Nashua man says he robbed convenience store at gunpoint to buy drugs

Union Leader Correspondent

NASHUA - A local man allegedly admitted to police that he robbed a local convenience store at gunpoint because he needed money to buy narcotics, according to court documents.

Michael Curran, 22, with no fixed address, has been arrested and charged with a felony count of armed robbery for the June 16 incident at A&P Market, 54 Lock St. He is currently being held on $50,000 cash bail.

According to court records, Curran allegedly walked into the store wearing a white mask over his face, pointed a black gun at a store employee and demanded money from the cash register.

While pointing the gun at the employee, Rasikbhai Patel, a second worker tried to distract Curran by throwing a juice container at him, according to court documents.

Curran eventually ran out of the store without any money, said police.

During the investigation, authorities located a black pellet gun at a nearby playground, along with a white shirt and sock that was tested for DNA at the New Hampshire Forensic Lab, according to court records.

A search warrant was eventually issued for a sample of Curran's DNA, which matched the DNA found at the nearby park, says court documents.

"The defendant admitted that he had needed money, so he went to the A&P Market to rob the store," Det. James Stone said in a police affidavit on file at the 9th Circuit Court, Nashua Division. "The defendant said he felt bad for what he did, and only did it because he needed narcotics."

Curran also was being sought by his probation officer at the time of the alleged robbery. Along with the robbery charge, Curran was charged with a misdemeanor parole violation as well.

Curran was previously sentenced to 1½ to 5 years in jail for a separate theft incident, and three years ago walked away from a halfway house when he was suppose to be attending an alcoholics anonymous meeting.

Curran was arraigned Monday on the newest charges, and will be back in court on July 17 for a probable cause hearing.