June 26. 2013 8:28AM

Derry voters approve revised contract for educational assistants

By Adam Swift
Union Leader correspondent

DERRY - The school district's educational assistant's have a new three-year contract, but by the narrowest of margins.

The new contract passed by four votes at a special school district election yesterday, 356-352.

The two sides initially came to an agreement earlier this year, but that proposed three-year contract was voted down by residents at the March town election.

The new contract includes smaller pay raises for paraprofessionals over the next three years and will cost about $27,000 less than the original agreement over the course of the contract.

The money to cover the cost of the pay increases are in the approved 2013-14 school year budget, according to school board member Neal Ochs.

The new agreement calls for pay increases of 10 cents per hour the first year, 15 cents the second year, and 15 cents the third year. Originally, the contract called for a 15 cent raise the first year and a 25 cent raise in the third year.