June 26. 2013 11:20AM

Man charged after trike crash injures self and Manchester woman

MANCHESTER – A man is charged with a felony DWI after he lost control of a three-wheel motorcycle and hit a woman, sending the trike crashing into a house and pinning him up against it.

Police said the crash happened at 5:40 p.m. Tuesday at Walnut and Salmon streets. Martin Dowd, 50, of 317 Walnut St., tried to move a three-wheeled Triumph motorcycle owned by Donna Dunn, 45, of 51 Liberty St.

Police said he lost control of it, accelerated rapidly and hit Dunn, who was standing next to him. The Triumph then crashed into a house at 316 Walnut St., pinning Dowd.

When police arrived, Dunn was on the ground complaining of a leg injury and Dowd was suffering from a serious head injury.

Both were taken to a local hospital for medical treatment.