June 23. 2013 11:58PM

Untimely death on Mount Monadnock investigated

JAFFREY - An untimely death on Mount Monadnock is being investigated by the state Medical Examiner's Office and Jaffrey police.


According to police, on Sunday at 4:45 p.m. a hiker descending the Red Spot Trail on Mount Monadnock collapsed and became unconscious due to an apparent medical condition. The hiker, identified as Bryce Griswold, 48, of Mendon, Mass., was near the intersection of the Old Ski path when he collapsed.


The victim's hiking companion, who is an emergency medical technician, started CPR immediately but the efforts to revive him were unsuccessful.


Fish and Game Department conservation officers, Jaffrey fire and rescue personnel and Division of Parks and Recreation staff carried the victim down to the trailhead.