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Recognizing father: Not PC, but still OK

June 16. 2013 12:00AM

The National Archives has done the nation a tremendous public service by transcribing and posting online every document it had that was written to or from one of the nation's Founding Fathers.


In announcing the website last week, someone posting on the White House blog omitted the word "Fathers" and referred to them as the "Founding Founders." The Internet went nuts.

The posting was changed, with "Fathers" restored to its customary place. But it is easy to see why so many Americans saw something sneaky in what appears to have been an honest mistake (after all, the same post used the term "statesmen.") Political correctness has done so much to diminish the achievements of men, white men in particular. Its usual method is not only to elevate the numerous and sometimes overlooked achievements of women, but to dismiss, write off, ignore or even wipe away the contributions of men, with particular emphasis on the Founding Fathers.

Where would we be, though, without our Founding Fathers? Where would we be without the regular fathers who, before and after the Founders, brought their families to the New World, cleared the forests and settled a continent? Where would we be without the fathers who every day sacrifice their own personal pleasures to make a home for their families, to provide for their children, to raise the next generation of Americans?

It takes nothing away from mothers to recognize the importance of fathers (without whom, there would be no mothers, by the way). On Father's Day, let's honor and remember their contributions, and maybe take them out for an ice cream, too. Without them, we wouldn't just be nowhere, we wouldn't be at all.

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