May 17. 2013 1:51AM

Teen party takes Derry rep by surprise

New Hampshire Union Leader

DERRY — State Rep. Frank Sapareto said he fell asleep early Saturday after allowing his son to host a small after-prom party and woke up to discover police at his home busting up an underage drinking party.

“Everything was quiet. There was no noise,” he said of the gathering, which was held in the basement of his 14 Oxbow Lane home. “I have a standing rule in my house that no alcohol is allowed.”

He said police told him youths had sneaked in through a bulkhead.

He said he did not allow police into his home, but immediately kicked everyone out of his house.

WMUR TV reported that 27 underage drinkers and alcohol were found at the home, and that one girl was taken to a hospital after ingesting an unknown substance.

The report said police stayed on the property while parents were called to pick up the party-goers.

Sapareto said he is surprised that the incident is drawing media attention.

“I’m not even charged with anything,” he said.

The incident comes one year after Sapareto was charged with three counts of assault stemming from an incident in which he was trying to keep himself between his girlfriend, Barbara Battite, and her son, Anthony Battite, during an argument in May 2012.

Sapareto said that case hasn’t yet been resolved.