May 14. 2013 10:34PM

Page One Editorial: Obama is right

President Obama is right about one thing. The Benghazi affair is about politics. It was about the politics of ignoring and muddying the facts of the attack to protect his reelection chances last year; and now it is about the politics of deflecting responsibility for the lives lost and the lies told.

Ignoring or deflecting responsibility is the hallmark of this administration. The President now says he only learns of these blunders when he reads of them in the news. The IRS' Gestapo-like tactics in going after conservative groups? Obama is shocked.

The unprecedented scale of spying on The Associated Press? "The White House," a spokesman says, knows nothing about what the "Justice Department" may be doing.

Really? Will we next be told that President Obama knows nothing about what "The White House" may be doing?

Obama's administration is surely incompetent. It may also be incredibly calculating in its disregard for ethical governing. The two are not mutually exclusive.

If the American people sit still for anything short of full congressional investigations on these issues, they will have answered Hillary Clinton's haughty and dismissive question: What difference does it make?