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It is Mother's Day: Hail the hand that rocks the cradle

May 11. 2013 2:12AM

In John Ford's splendid movie, "The Quiet Man," a character points to Ward Bond, playing the part of the parish priest, and says "even he" had a mother.

"What did you think?" asks an indignant Bond.

Today is Mother's Day, and there is not man, boy, nor girl who doesn't owe their mom eternal thanks for bringing them into the world.

The Bible, which your mother may have attempted to introduce you to at some point, teaches that Jesus was devoted above all to his mother, Mary. A pretty good example to follow, don't you think?

There is much that is wrong and, yes, evil in this world. Which is even more reason to honor motherhood and to salute and appreciate the vital role that it plays in society.

Indeed, whatever we can do as a society and as individuals to protect and value the role of mother as anchor and protector of the family, the better off society will be.

Meanwhile, give your own mom a hug.

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