May 09. 2013 10:19PM

Planners to walk Derry Dumpster Depot site

Union Leader Correspondent

DERRY - The Planning Board has scheduled a site walk for Saturday morning at the site of a proposed Dumpster Depot building at 41 Ashleigh Drive.

The proposed project includes a two-story, 7,200-square-foot building as well as outside space for 350 Dumpsters that will be rented out to individuals or contracting companies, according to project engineer Chris Tamula.

The building will have 3,200 square feet for office space and 4,000 square feet for vehicle maintenance, according to Tamula. There will be no fueling or maintenance of vehicles on site, he added.

Planning Board member Jim MacEachern requested the site walk after several abutters raised concerns about the buffer zone between the project and their properties.

MacEachern said that while the Planning Board would be obligated to approve the project if it meets town regulations and is allowed in the industrial zone, he added the board could take steps to make sure there is a proper buffer zone between the project and abutters.

MacEachern said he would like to see the site lines from the commercial property to the abutters' properties, as well as from the residential property toward the Dumpster Depot location.

In addition to raising concerns about the lack of a buffer zone, several residents also stated they were concerned about the potential for dirty Dumpsters on the property.

Company owner David Paul said the Dumpsters are rented out and then emptied at a transfer station or tipping facility before they are returned to the yard for storage.

Any Dumpsters that are back too late to be emptied for that day would be covered and stored under a 30-foot canopy that has room for up to seven trucks with Dumpsters, Paul said.