May 07. 2013 1:03PM

Police say man threatened neighbor with shotgun over loud music


MANCHESTER - A city man is under arrest, accused of threatening an upstairs neighbor with a shotgun in a dispute over loud music.

Joshua Calden, 29, of 33 Schuyler St., first floor, is facing a felony criminal-threatening charge as a result of the incident Tuesday at his home.

Police said they recovered a single-shot shotgun in a bedroom of his first-floor apartment. The gun was not loaded but police said there were shells for it in the room.

The upstairs neighbor, Bryan Farley, 26, called police about 1:30 a.m. after Calden threatened him with a shotgun, police said.

Farley told investigators he was playing music loudly when Calden knocked on his door and asked him to turn it down. He did, at first, but then turned it up again.

That brought a second knock at the door. Farley, concerned Calden was there to confront him again, armed himself with a stun gun before opening the door.

When he opened it, however, he kept the stun gun down by his side because it was Calden's wife, Samantha, 23, who was at the door.

Farley, however, told police then Calden suddenly appeared holding a shotgun and pointed it at Farley's head. He quickly went back inside his apartment and called police.