May 07. 2013 1:21PM

Manchester police investigate stabbing reported outside Mexican restaurant

MANCHESTER - Police are investigating a stabbing that reportedly happened late Sunday night or early Monday morning just outside Don Quijote's, 360 Union St.

A 22-year-old Lawrence, Mass., man, whose name police did not release, reported an acquaintance stabbed him several times in the back and once in the chest in the incident. Police said the Lawrence man went to the bar/restaurant Sunday with his girlfriend where he saw the other man.

Later, he had a conversation with the man just outside the front door. The man, he said, suddenly became upset and began striking at him. The Lawrence man said he did not realize the man had a knife until he saw his hand was cut when he blocked a blow.

The man said the attack continued until other bar patrons separated them. The other man ran off, he told police.

Initially, the injured man went to the Elliot Hospital to be treated but, he told police, he decided to leave and treat the wounds himself. He did not report the incident to police until 10:45 p.m. Monday, nearly 11 hours after it reportedly happened.