April 20. 2013 3:07AM

Manchester Crimewatch: Judge lets student attend class with alleged victim

MANCHESTER - A Manchester High School West student, charged with simple assault and criminal mischief in connection with an incident involving his girlfriend Thursday, pleaded innocent to all charges Friday in Circuit Court - Manchester District Division.

Obed Perez, 18, of 63 Joliette St., is accused of running up to his girlfriend and putting her in a bear hug on South Main Street, putting his hands on her shoulders and shoving her and knocking her cell phone to the ground, breaking it.

The initial conditions of Perez' $500 personal recognizance bail barred him from contact with his girlfriend and barred him from going within 100 yards of her.

But Perez asked if there could be an exception at school, where they have several classes together. Police prosecutor Richard Brown agreed to the bail modification during the school day, but Judge William Lyons reminded Perez that if he speaks to the alleged victim or initiates any kind of contact in school, that will be a violation of bail.

Trial was set for June 3.

Claims self defense

David Mcleod, 29, of 13 South St., complained Friday in Circuit Court - Manchester District Division that he was acting in self defense and shouldn't have been charged with second-degree assault and felony criminal mischief.

Mcleod is accused of smashing a beer bottle across a man's face, causing injuries that included a cut lip that required stitches. He is also accused of smashing the windshield of a second man's car with a rock and damaging the vehicle body.

Police prosecutor Richard Brown said the incident stemmed from an argument over payment for clothing.

Mcleod told Judge William Lyons: "They came to my apartment and attacked me ... I defend myself and I get arrested for it."

Brown requested $15,000 cash/surety bail, saying, "It was a very violent encounter." Brown said Mcleod's criminal record includes felony criminal threatening, burglary, drug sale, probation violation and drug possession. Brown said Mcleod did not complete the booking process and bail conditions should require returning to the Manchester Police Department before his release. Brown said, "(Mcleod) presents a clear and present danger."

Lyons set bail at $10,000 cash/surety, with the requested conditions, and a probable cause hearing was set for May 1.

From a good family

A man who said he comes from a good family and wouldn't hit a woman was arraigned Friday in Circuit Court - Manchester District Division on charges of simple assault and criminal mischief.

Patrick Giberson, 28, of 502 Chestnut St., is accused of throwing a vase at his girlfriend, hitting her in the forehead area, and of mischief for throwing the vase, which shattered on the floor.

A police prosecutor requested bail of $1,000 cash/surety, with conditions barring contact with the alleged victim and barring Giberson from her residence.

Giberson told Judge William Lyons that his girlfriend is homeless. As for the broken vase, he said, "That property belongs to me."

Giberson is currently subject to a 72-hour probation hold in connection with a March 29 drug conviction for which he received a suspended 12-month sentence. Lyons set bail at the requested amount and with the requested conditions and trial was set for May 22.

Order violation

Kelsey Pantaleo, 20, of 21 Pearl St., Franklin, pleaded innocent Friday in Circuit Court - Manchester District Division to a misdemeanor charge of violation of a domestic violence protective order.

Pantaleo was arrested on a warrant that alleges she violated an order barring contact with an ex-girlfriend by remaining in a Maple Street yard and making suggestive gestures April 6.

Pantaleo requested personal recognizance bail, but Judge William Lyons set bail at the $1,000 cash/surety requested by prosecutors, who said Pantaleo has convictions for assault and criminal mischief.

Trial was set for May 22.

Says he uses only his fists

A man accused of threatening another man with a butterfly knife if he didn't hand over his hat, shoes and the contents of his pockets, could enter no plea Friday in Circuit Court - Manchester District Division to a felony armed robbery charge.

Andrew Pike, 19, who lists the homeless shelter as his address, was arrested on a warrant alleging he sought out the victim March 20.

Pike, who told Judge William Lyons, "I know the kid," said he doesn't use weapons. "I use my fists," said Pike.

A police prosecutor requested $10,000 cash/surety bail, saying Pike has a pending trial on a 2013 criminal mischief charge and has 2012 convictions for resisting arrest and breach of bail for which he received a suspended six-month sentence.

Lyons set bail at the requested amount and a probable cause hearing was set for May 1.