April 16. 2013 10:15PM

Man allegedly choked, threatened ex-girlfriend

A city man was arraigned Tuesday in Manchester District court on multiple charges, including allegedly choking his ex-girlfriend until she had difficulty breathing and threatening to cut her throat.

Patrick Devine, 23, of 155 Bellevue St., could enter no plea to felony charges of kidnapping, second-degree assault and criminal threatening, but pleaded innocent to misdemeanor charges of simple assault, criminal mischief and theft by unauthorized taking.

Devine allegedly became angry during an argument with his ex-girlfriend in her room at the Comfort Inn, 298 Queen City Ave., and smashed her phone against the wall. The woman told police Devine then pulled out a pocketknife and stabbed a desk chair, her wallet and the bottom of the bed.

Court documents show the woman told police that Devine then grabbed her, threw her onto the bed and got on top of her, straddling her as he pinned her down by the shoulders and called her names. She said he put the blade of the knife against her throat and said: "I'm going to cut your throat. ... You're lucky I didn't bring the gun. If you call the police, I'll kill you."

She told police that he put the knife away, but then put his hands around her neck and increased the pressure until she was gasping for air.

Devine allegedly also ripped the hotel phone off the cord and broke the earpiece and began throwing her jewelry in the toilet, When she tried to leave, an upper latch prevented the door from opening and Devine allegedly confronted her, saying: "You think you're going to leave? Get back over there."

She said he barricaded the door with various items and put empty beer cans in front of the door, so if she tried to leave it would make noise and alarm him. At one point, she said, he stuffed a washcloth into her mouth, causing her to gag.

The woman said a friend was supposed to pick her up for a 7 a.m. appointment in Hudson, but when a hotel employee knocked to say the friend was there, Devine ordered her to say she didn't need the ride.

The woman said Devine fell asleep from about 7 to 11 a.m., but she was afraid to try to leave. He finally woke up and left, but she stayed in the room, afraid he was waiting outside.

Eventually, she decided to leave the room and ran to the front lobby and spoke with hotel staff.

Police investigating the report found cigarette burns and holes in the mattress and cover and found the hotel phone set broken, with pieces missing.

Court documents show that when police went to Devine's residence, he was dressed exactly as the alleged victim had described. A pocketknife was found in his pocket and a black .22 caliber H&R revolver was found in his bedroom and taken as evidence.

Devine shook his head as the charges were read. A police prosecutor requested $20,000 cash/surety bail, but Devine objected.

"I understand the severity of these charges and allegations," he said, but he requested personal recognizance bail. "I have a job. It's very important to me," he told Judge William Lyons.

He also said he had a doctor's appointment later in the day, but declined to say what the appointment involved, saying only that it took a long time to get the appointment.

Lyons set bail at the amount requested by the prosecutor, with conditions that include no contact with the alleged victim and not going to the Comfort Inn.

A probable cause hearing on the felonies was set for April 30 and trial was set for May 22.

"I've suffered enough"

Robert Moreau, 39, of 319 Sewall St., asked for personal recognizance bail at his arraignment Tuesday in Circuit Court-Manchester District Division on charges of driving with a suspended license and registration, as well as contempt of court because he was out on bail on theft and contempt charges at the time of his arrest earlier in the day.

He had failed to appear for a New Hampshire State Police unreasonable speed charge March 12 and on March 18 for trial on charges of theft and disobeying a police officer.

A police prosecutor requested $5,000 cash/surety bail, citing the failures to appear and Moreau's extensive criminal record that includes drug possession and sale convictions, reckless conduct, violation of probation and thefts.

Moreau said: "I'm not a threat to the community."

He told Judge William Lyons that his car had been towed after his arrest and said: "I've suffered enough."

Lyons set bail at the amount requested by the prosecutor and trial was set for May 30.

Bail continued

Bail was continued at $5,000 cash/surety Tuesday in Manchester District Court for Anthony Longhi, 30, of 795 Valley St., at his arraignment on a charge of felon in possession of a weapon and a misdemeanor of possession of a controlled drug (marijuana) at the Valley Street address April 2.

Longhi is also accused of having a .22 caliber Ruger in his possession, but is barred from having a dangerous weapon because he was convicted in Hillsborough County Superior Court North in 2005 on a felony charge of possession of a controlled drug with intent to sell.

Claims an excuse

Kemani Lacey, 21, of 135 Orange St., was arraigned Tuesday in Manchester District Court on charges of falsifying physical evidence and criminal threatening for which he had failed to appear in court April 5.

The charges allege he removed a firearm from a park after a shooting and threw the gun in the river and threatened an ex-girlfriend at a Valley Street address that if anyone came to the location, he would slit her throat.

Lacey told Judge William Lyons that he missed his Manchester court date because: "I was in Merrimack County Jail." Lacey said he was arrested April 3 and told jail officials he was supposed to be in Manchester April 5, but wasn't transported.

He had originally been released on personal recognizance bail, but bail was set at $800 cash/surety at his arraignment Tuesday. A probable cause hearing on the felony charge was set for April 30 and trial on the misdemeanor was set for May 22.