April 12. 2013 9:30PM

This week's Rare Bird Alert

This is New Hampshire Audubon's Rare Bird Alert for Tuesday, April 9.

A male Eurasian wigeon was seen in a small pond along Route 108 south of Bodwell Farm in East Kingston on April 9.

A sandhill crane was seen flying near the Merrimack River in Bedford on April 7, but has not been relocated.

A red-headed woodpecker has been coming to a birdfeeder on Grafton Road in Alexandria since Dec. 13, and was last reported on April 9.

A hoary redpoll was seen at a birdfeeder in Troy on April 7, and two were reported from a birdfeeder in Strafford on the 4th. A few flocks of common redpolls are still being reported from several locations.

A male Barrow's goldeneye was seen off of Great Boar's Head in Hampton on April 7.

A pair of gadwall was seen on Horseshoe Pond in Concord on April 7, and a northern shoveler and a ruddy duck were seen at the Exeter Wastewater Treatment Plant on the 9th. One hundred and sixteen lesser scaup and seven buffleheads were seen at the plant on April 7.

Three American coots were seen in World End Pond in Salem on April 6.

Five red-necked grebes, four horned grebes, and a green heron were seen on the Connecticut River in the Hanover area on April 9.

A yellow-crowned night-heron was seen at North Beach in Hampton, and a great egret and seven snowy egrets were reported from the coast, all on April 7. A great egret was seen in Reed's Marsh in Orford on April 4 and 5.

An adult Iceland gull was seen at the Rockingham Park parking lot in Salem on April 3.

A pectoral sandpiper was seen flying over Meadow Pond in Hampton, and a piping plover was seen at Seabrook Beach, both on April 7. A solitary sandpiper was seen at Horseshoe Pond in Concord on April 9.

Two fish crows were reported from the Merrimack River in Boscawen on April 4, and seven were reported from the Merrimack River in Concord on April 7.

A great cormorant was reported from the Merrimack River in Boscawen, and two double-crested cormorants were seen at Horseshoe Pond in Concord, all on April 9.

An eastern screech-owl was seen in a tree in Hollis on April 6.

There were numerous sightings of American kestrels during the past week including six at the Pease International Tradeport.

There were several red-shouldered hawks and northern harriers reported during the past week.

One hundred and fifty tree swallows were seen at Sewall's Falls in Concord on April 7, 400 were seen on the Connecticut River in Hinsdale on the 8th, and there were several sightings of smaller numbers seen elsewhere during the past week.

Early returning migrants reported during the past week included: pine warbler, palm warbler, yellow-rumped warbler, ruby-crowned kinglet, golden-crowned kinglet, winter wren, eastern phoebe, fox sparrow, chipping sparrow, field sparrow, Wilson's snipe, northern flicker, yellow-bellied sapsucker, rusty blackbird, and pied-billed grebe.

This message is also available by phone recording: call 224-9909 and press 2 as directed or ask to be transferred. If you have seen any interesting birds recently, you can leave a message at the end of the recording or send your sightings to the RBA via e-mail at: birdsetc@nhaudubon.org. Please put either "bird sighting" or "Rare Bird Alert" in the subject line and be sure to include your mailing address and phone number. The RBA is also available on-line at the New Hampshire Audubon web site, www.nhaudubon.org.