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Treat dispensers: Obama and the Easter Bunny

April 02. 2013 5:26PM

On Sunday, the White House Easter Egg Roll went on as scheduled, sequester and all. And there stood President Obama shoulder to shoulder with the Easter Bunny: two mythical creatures caught in one photo. The Tooth Fairy must have been really annoyed she was not invited.

The Eastery Bunny and President Obama have a lot in common. Both are dressed up characters with a mythology to sell. One plays a creature with magical powers who hops all over the world to deliver sweet treats, free of charge, to everyone who believes in him. The other is a low-wage dude in a rabbit costume.

President Obama thrives on his own myth: that the United States suffers from a shortage of goodies dispensed personally by him. He promises to rectify that by borrowing trillions of dollars to finance his egg-dispensing. Infrastructure funding here, college subsidies there, scientific research over there, with loads of new regulations to fertilize the seeds, and soon, like tulips in spring - bing! - the economy will shoot back to life.

He's put that magical thinking into practice for five years. It has not worked. And yet people still believe him, just as children believe in the Easter Bunny. Eventually, though, children grow up. What's the Obama voter's excuse?


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