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May 17. 2012 12:31PM

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'Shoot me!' says man who led police on wrong-way chase on I-89

NATION: Census report shows minorities now majority in U.S. births
Maine, Vermont and New Hampshire are the oldest and among the whitest states. Utah and Texas are the youngest states. Maine's median age has increased by 4.6 years since 2000 to an oldest-in-the-country 43.2 years in 2011, Census data show. The growth of Hispanic children, especially those about to enter kindergarten, poses a big challenge in many states.

Telegraph: Buried dog fence carries lightning jolt into Merrimack home
Lightning struck the base of a tree and traveled into an invisible dog fence surrounding the home, Dubreuil said. From there, the current made its way into the house, blowing out outlet panels, Dubreuil said.

'Sweepstakes' business falls through loophole in state law
SEABROOK — Police served a cease and desist order Tuesday to the owners of 3D Business Center for running an alleged sweepstakes gambling parlor from their 14 New Zealand Road location, instead of a business center that was approved by the town's Planning Board..

Fosters: Twardus attorney grills 'alternate suspect'
Calvin Degreenia, 26, of Nashua, N.H., was questioned Friday morning in York County Superior Court in Alfred by Jason Twardus' defense attorney, Daniel G. Lilley. Twardus, 30, who is from Rochester, N.H., was convicted in October 2010 for the murder of his former fiancee (Gorham) and is currently serving a 38-year prison sentence.

Raw milk debate is white hot
The fight over the type of milk Americans can drink is getting raw. Earlier this week, supporters of unpasteurized milk rallied outside a Minneapolis courthouse where farmer Alvin Schlangen was scheduled to face trial. His crime? Delivering raw milk to more than 100 consumers who requested it.

After decades and $5M, clean-up of Conway superfund site is complete
Kearsarge Metallurgical Corp. on Hobbs St. is about ready for redevelopment. "The cleanup is done," said town engineer Paul DegliAngeli. There are still heavy metals like nickel and chromium trapped in soils deep in the ground, he said, but "they're inert. There they are. They're going to stay there." Restrictions bar drilling wells at the site. "It's moot because that area is serviced by municipal water. There's no reason to put a well down."


BAE Systems, Nashua awarded $7.8M contract for B-1 electronic countermeasures system, AN/ALQ-161 oscillating group

Bedford auto parts maker Flo-Pro to be auctioned June 13, the plant closed in Feb.

Wisc. to buy 100-square miles of land from Hanover, NH-based Lyme Timber Co. for $17M

Comcast's Xfinity adding TV network to help Latino parents, children integrate into American society
BabyFirst Americas' mission is to offer Latino parents the ability to help their children integrate into American society, while maintaining a strong connection to their Latino heritage and bilingual communication. Simultaneously, we also see our mission as bringing the beautiful Latino culture to all American homes reaching children of every ethnicity, increasing awareness to its values, and helping establish Latino culture as a truly integrated part of the American culture.

GT Advanced (NASDAQ:GTAT) Profit Climbs but Misses Estimates – GTAT, RBCN, WFR, HOKU

New duty free limits will increase U.S. border shopping
Canadians will flood the U.S. border this summer to shop in numbers not seen in two decades, according to a BMO Capital Markets report released Thursday. The duty-free limit for stays of more than 24 hours will be boosted to $200 from $50. Limits for visits longer than 48 hours will be increased to $800. The previous limits were $400 for a week and $750 for more than a week.

New Northeast Utilities CEO Promises Better Response Time, But Says New Regulations May Increase Costs
Both the New Hampshire transmission line and the Quebec damming project have come under fire from activists and environmentalists, but May said it wouldn't be a barrier to bringing the electricity to market. “I have never seen a project that everybody loves. There's always resistance theres alway groups that will picket. The special interest groups will find something wrong with the project. so that does not surprise us. It's nothing we didn't expect,” May said.

Video: Paralysis victims use brain signals to control robotic arm
Success rates varied from 46% to 62% in grasping foam balls, using a robot arm designed by "Segway" inventor Dean Kamen with Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) support.


Fosters: UNH seniors create bicycle-powered washing machine

NH Poet Laureate Walter Butts

NHPR news director Amy Quinton moves on to new gig in Sacramento

Amazing Audi e-Bike Has Segway-Like Wheelie Mode, Locks via Phone


Congressman John Lewis to receive Life and Liberty Award
Friday May 18, 2012
4:30 P.M. – Unveiling of the Exhibit “NH and the U.S. Supreme Court”
5:30 P.M. – Life and Liberty Awards presentation
Where: New Hampshire Supreme Court
One Charles Doe Drive – Concord, New Hampshire

NH judicial system rules regarding use of recording devices and other electronics


Guinta votes for "violence against women" bill, Bass votes against


Obama crushes Romney in campaign fundraising among Ivy League
Professors, administrators and others employed at the eight universities of the Ivy League have given $375,932 to Obama and $60,465 to Romney. The one branch of Ivy academia where Romney has a slight advantage: Harvard Business School, whose employees have donated $14,000 to Romney and $11,400 to Obama.

Politico: 2016 alert: Baltimore's O'Malley to New Hampshire for New Hampshire Democratic Party Convention

Kochs help Republicans catch up on technology
In 2008, Catalist helped the left win the technology battle. The database allowed unions and the Obama campaign to manage volunteers without stepping on each other's toes. Meanwhile, analysts could look for patterns in oceans of data that had been held in small pools by separate groups. Now, Charles and David Koch, who have quietly bankrolled libertarian organizations such as the Cato Institute and the influential Mercatus Center at George Mason University, are behind an effort that aims to do for the right what Catalist did for the left.

'Halo' releases sharing a date with the democratic process
One of my coworkers pointed something interesting out to me last week. The newest addition to the popular Halo franchise — a first-person shooter game that boasts midnight release parties and two-three-day-long marathons from some of its more dedicated fans — is set to be released worldwide Nov. 6 of this year.


National Catholic Register - Matthew Archbold: I Want to Hear The Abortion Jokes
"Newt Gingrich's campaign is so dead, Mitt Romney wants to baptize it and Rick Santorum wants to put it in a jar and show it to his kids." That's the joke that Jimmy Kimmel was going to tell at The White House Correspondent's Dinner. He didn't, but only because an ABC News reporter told him that it could "cause the room to turn against him."

Don't do anything questionable
Sherman Adams had a distinguished political career, including one term in the U.S. House of Representatives before becoming New Hampshire's governor. He served one term as governor before becoming Eisenhower's chief of staff in 1953. He was later fired for accepting gifts.

Josiah Bartlett Center Applauds Passage of School Choice Scholarship Act
“Rich people already have choices. the legislature has taken a huge step to extend those opportunities to students with lesser means.”


Attitash Mountain Resort to host Eastern States Cup downhill mountain bike race events in September

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