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It takes a village of rescuers to help get fallen draft horse back on her feet

New Hampshire Union Leader

January 10. 2018 9:08PM

Rescuers plot their strategy to help get Blondie, a draft horse who slipped on ice in a shelter in Hancock, back on her feet Wednesday morning. (COURTESY)

HANCOCK — It took three departments, 10 first responders and a veterinarian to rescue and help to her feet a draft horse that had slipped on some ice in a stall early Wednesday morning.

Hancock police were first on the scene at 8:30 a.m. They found the horse, named Blondie, on her side in the three-sided shelter.

Officials said it was clear that Blondie was unable to get up.

Hancock Fire and Highway Department officials also came to the property to assist, and then a veterinarian from Henniker was called upon to help as well.

“All three departments worked for over three hours to remove the horse from the structure using straps and come-a-longs. Workers were able to get the animal back on its feet,” according to a social media post.

The horse appeared to have only minor injuries. Blondie was walking around eating hay and drinking water after the rescue.

On their Facebook page, Hancock fire officials said it was a team rescue.

“With plenty of muscle, the right tools, some ingenuity and compassionate folks who rushed to assist, we got Blondie the horse out of a tricky situation this morning. Thank you to all who helped.”

Hancock officials thanked Greenfield Police for covering emergency calls.

The rescuers posted pictures on Facebook, including a shot of Blondie standing upright in her pasture and looking just fine.

The rescue was a popular topic on social media and Wednesday night. Blondie’s owner, Lisa St. Pierre, posted hearty thanks.

“We want to thank everyone police, fire, town workers and everyone for coming to our aid this morning,” she wrote.

“We are very grateful, and could not have gotten our girl up ourselves. It warms our hearts to live in a small town where people rally to your aid. Blondie is doing good so far; she has had her meds and warm mash. Thanks again everyone.”

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