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An Editorial - Joseph W. McQuaid, Publisher: Time for some deregulation

New Hampshire Union Leader Publisher

January 17. 2018 6:17PM

When you showered today, did you wash your hair? If so, you engaged in an activity so dangerous that your state government requires anyone practicing it for pay to be registered.”

That’s just one example that guest columnist Andrew Cline cites in his opinion piece today, which can be found here. He has many others.

Cline used to edit our opinion pages. Now he heads the Josiah Bartlett Center for Public Policy in Concord. The center backs House Bill 1685, which looks toward removing senseless state rules and regulations that do little to protect the consumer but do more to protect certain businesses from competition.

Nashua state Rep. Bill Ohm’s bill states that it is New Hampshire’s policy “that the right of an individual to pursue an occupation is a fundamental right, and that where the state finds it necessary to displace competition, it will use the least restrictive regulation to protect consumers from present, significant, and substantiated harms that threaten public health and safety.”

Makes sense to us.

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