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An Editorial - Joseph W. McQuaid, Publisher: Do your job, Governor Sununu

December 04. 2017 9:36PM

Drivers pass through the northbound tolls in Hooksett on Monday (DAVID LANE/UNION LEADER)

Gov. Sununu, you need to take a stand.

Your position on an outrageous 50 percent toll increase makes you look like you are trying to have your cake and eat it, too. You say you are opposed to the hike, but that it’s the Executive Council’s prerogative to vote on the matter.

Sorry, Governor, but that’s not why you were elected.

You were elected to lead New Hampshire and set a tone to restore the state to fiscal sanity. Your pledge to veto broad-based taxes rings a bit hollow if you allow a massive and needless toll hike to hit every driver every time they pass through a toll. (Be sure to read today’s editorial for more on this ripoff.)

We hope that you will prove us wrong by negating any such increase. We understand a vote may be delayed a few weeks. Whether it’s a few weeks or months, there are taxpayer groups, the truckers association, and businesses all counting on you. Some of them may even be calling your office at 271-2121 to let you know where they stand.

We hope you stand with them.

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